No styles, no systems, no rituals, no lineages, no masters, no labels, no belts, no katas, no uniforms, no dogmas;

Only the process of self actualization & personal expression of truth through functional combative movement and fitness.

On a purely physical level, we share how to individually and collectively use all of our natural tools as well as extended ones, offensively and defensively in a strategic and tactical manner and in all ranges of combat.

We're put through functional physical fitness training where we learn to push ourselves through our own perceived limitations. We also have much to offer on nutrition, health and optimum performance.

On a more cerebral level we learn about the psychology of violence, fear, stress & confrontation management skills, deescalation strategies and holistic survival tactics.

As the mind navigates the body; by challenging personal self defense dogmas and individual & core belief systems, personal growth and evolution occurs.

On a human level, we learn about the ripple effect and the moral, legal, and ethical consequences of our chosen actions while self examining our darkest emotions. We are encouraged to question everything, to learn to think for ourselves, to be more accountable and research everything we learn and to be open and responsive to life without judgment.

On a personal level, the training can make you face and slay your own demons.

Everything shared here is highly encouraged to be individually researched, to “absorb what is useful, add what is specifically of your own and disregard the rest.”

Friday, November 13, 2009

Who should we fear most?

Self defense... we worry about the random attacks, we worry about criminals, rapists and the random violence out there and train hard for it perfecting our techniques, athletic abilities and such but there is a much greater threat. There is the threat that comes from the powers that be, the pharma and medical cartels, the FDA etc. We are being lied to constantly and our lives put at risk for pure profit, power and wealth.

The lies and bullshit about vaccins, prescription meds and chemicals being put into our genetically modified foods designed to make us sick and dependent on more pharmaceuticals has got to be put into light for those to see and make their minds up from there...

Do what you will with the info, knowledge is power.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Senshido for Kids

I recently did a session with a couple of co-workers kids on self-defense. I took them through pretty much the same things I would if I was training adults but of course making it more applicable for their situations.

The most important part of the session to me was not going through stranger danger type scenarios but bullying. It wasn't even so much as to how to deal with bully as much as it was on not being a bully. Just because you may not be "The Class Bully" but you could be a bully to someone. So, we were able to focus on what that meant how important it is to be a strong person with good ideals.

We also went over on what it meant to be mature and how to develop into a mature person such as communication with your parents. Understanding the your parents love is the closest thing you will get to uncomditional love and it is important to talk with your parents about everything. Their is no reason to keep secrets from your parents because they are always going to love you. For the girl closer to her teens we went over the fact that if you feel like you are adult enough to try drugs, sex, drinking, etc.... then you are adult enough to talk to your parents about all of those things first.

I ended it with letting the kids and parents know that communication is very important in maintaining a good relationship with one another and that this relationship will keep you safe. There us a lot more that I got into and yes I did cover some physical drills but I felt it so important as I do with adults that we really focus on the being a good person.

If we start training more kids now hoe much easier will it be later in their and our lives.

Dominic Alexander
Senshido International
Tucson, Az

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reducing the rape and violent crime statistic worldwide since 1994

With a Woman's Movement group in Heliopolis Egypt

Since our arrival in Cairo Egypt, we've been working with international women's movement's Girls Gone Gorgeous, the Association for Women's Total Advancement & Development (AWTAD) and The Association for the Development and Enhancement of Women (ADEW) to bring forth education and information on the empowerment of women in Egypt.

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