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Friday, November 13, 2009

Who should we fear most?

Self defense... we worry about the random attacks, we worry about criminals, rapists and the random violence out there and train hard for it perfecting our techniques, athletic abilities and such but there is a much greater threat. There is the threat that comes from the powers that be, the pharma and medical cartels, the FDA etc. We are being lied to constantly and our lives put at risk for pure profit, power and wealth.

The lies and bullshit about vaccins, prescription meds and chemicals being put into our genetically modified foods designed to make us sick and dependent on more pharmaceuticals has got to be put into light for those to see and make their minds up from there...

Do what you will with the info, knowledge is power.


  1. These videos are from 1976. Do you think its possible that more research and development might have been done since then???
    Come on people, technology has advanced more than a little in the last 33 years, don't let a couple of bad examples from the seventies influence your thinking in 2009!

  2. Well.. I personally know enough people who have suffered at the hands of serious side effects from various types of vaccinations within the last few years... remember, not everyone who smokes cigarettes gets cancer... and Vioxx killed how many thousands before it was pulled off the market a few years ago? The list goes on...

    Fear propaganda is very powerful indeed... not out to convert or convince, we are all free thinkers and so do with the information as you like... it's a take it or leave it...

  3. Fair point.
    Vaccinations have had good and bad effects over the years, but you cannot paint every vaccination with the brush of fear.
    research the vaccine in question, ask a doctor or nurse for official information, and decide with YOUR family in mind.
    Cheers, Kate

  4. "research the vaccine in question, ask a doctor or nurse for official information, and decide with YOUR family in mind."

    Couldn't agree more... however, I would add to research beyond just docs and nurses as most are nicely pampered by the pharma industry on their way out of med school... trips to the bahamas, weekends golfing, ...presrcibe our meds... ;`)

  5. As a nurse, I choose to believe that you don't mean me when you make that amazingly generalizing comment....

  6. No worries Kate, didn't mean you, that's why I said 'most" and not "all"... ;`) some refuse, some make a mint on the backs of others... nothing new there.