No styles, no systems, no rituals, no lineages, no masters, no labels, no belts, no katas, no uniforms, no dogmas;

Only the process of self actualization & personal expression of truth through functional combative movement and fitness.

On a purely physical level, we share how to individually and collectively use all of our natural tools as well as extended ones, offensively and defensively in a strategic and tactical manner and in all ranges of combat.

We're put through functional physical fitness training where we learn to push ourselves through our own perceived limitations. We also have much to offer on nutrition, health and optimum performance.

On a more cerebral level we learn about the psychology of violence, fear, stress & confrontation management skills, deescalation strategies and holistic survival tactics.

As the mind navigates the body; by challenging personal self defense dogmas and individual & core belief systems, personal growth and evolution occurs.

On a human level, we learn about the ripple effect and the moral, legal, and ethical consequences of our chosen actions while self examining our darkest emotions. We are encouraged to question everything, to learn to think for ourselves, to be more accountable and research everything we learn and to be open and responsive to life without judgment.

On a personal level, the training can make you face and slay your own demons.

Everything shared here is highly encouraged to be individually researched, to “absorb what is useful, add what is specifically of your own and disregard the rest.”

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A friend's perspective on Senshido International

By Mia Tanaka:

I've posted a couple of times about this concept here. Let's go back over and familiarize ourselves a bit, shall we? Here and here. I guess this kinda counts... Not really, but "AWWWW!" right?
Anyway, this is a concept that was developed by  a guy named Rich Dimitri. A down to earth, get off yer ass and "do some shit!", peace is the shizz "don't harsh my mellow!"  kind of guy. He can be kinda creepy looking when he wants to be and I suppose he's kind of nutty, but he's genuinely a nice guy. Deadly as all get out and I wouldn't ever want to see him angry, but the fact is, he's a sweet, squishy, all around good man with a big heart. He can laugh at himself and joke around. You'd never think this guy is one scary mo fo in the conventional sense. He goes around the world teaching a self defense method that can be utilized by anyone. He has also recruited the most amazing group of people to help him to "spread the word", so to speak.

Thank you Mia, YOU ROCK!!! :`)


  1. Woman!!! It is I who thanks you for your constant support and belief in our movement!!!