No styles, no systems, no rituals, no lineages, no masters, no labels, no belts, no katas, no uniforms, no dogmas;

Only the process of self actualization & personal expression of truth through functional combative movement and fitness.

On a purely physical level, we share how to individually and collectively use all of our natural tools as well as extended ones, offensively and defensively in a strategic and tactical manner and in all ranges of combat.

We're put through functional physical fitness training where we learn to push ourselves through our own perceived limitations. We also have much to offer on nutrition, health and optimum performance.

On a more cerebral level we learn about the psychology of violence, fear, stress & confrontation management skills, deescalation strategies and holistic survival tactics.

As the mind navigates the body; by challenging personal self defense dogmas and individual & core belief systems, personal growth and evolution occurs.

On a human level, we learn about the ripple effect and the moral, legal, and ethical consequences of our chosen actions while self examining our darkest emotions. We are encouraged to question everything, to learn to think for ourselves, to be more accountable and research everything we learn and to be open and responsive to life without judgment.

On a personal level, the training can make you face and slay your own demons.

Everything shared here is highly encouraged to be individually researched, to “absorb what is useful, add what is specifically of your own and disregard the rest.”

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good times... May 2011 Gold Coast Australia seminars:

Shredding away....

Demoing the opposite of "Closest weapon to closest target" concept.

Verbal defuse time....

Going over passive stance psyche....

Because grappling on concrete isn't as practical as the participants quickly discovered when I decided to take them outdoors in the parking lot to see what it felt like going to the ground on purpose.... not many wanted  to continue the workshop there... for obvious reasons as the skin, elbow and knee joints were taking a beating within the first few seconds of the drill.... GRAPPLING JUST AINT CEMENT FRIENDLY FOLKS.... just give it a shot and see....

In playing the role of the bad guy, one learns just as much, if not moreso about how to defuse  and defend when in a violent confrontation.

Let's just chalk it up to passion, ok? lmfao.... I don't know. 

Drilling speed, agility, coordination, position, placement, & multiple attacker awareness .

More of the groundfighting in the parking lot... they left a few skin streaks there in the 8 minutes we spent out there... lol... no better way to figure shit out than to test it.... FUCK THEORIZING.

Wouldn't have been fair to make them do it and not get down there myself eh? lmao....

Multiple attacker drills.

This little Lady here had never done any kind of martial arts or self defense training before and came all he way to Australia from New York to attend 6 Senshido seminars IN A ROW!!!!! She and her boyfriend (who traveled from London) did absolutely fantastic!!!!

Senshido International Team members Damien Martin and Joe Saunders sparing me bruises and abrasions by demoing for me. :`) Love you guys!!!! :`) 
Kicking it after probably talking their ears off on another one of my crazy rants!
Some full contact ground fighting pre SPARTAN TRAINING GEAR!
Working on some dynamic knife defense drills....
Going over the importance of passive body language & behavior during the defusing stages of the attack.
Damien gleefully going after his attacker lmfao...

Shredding their way off the ground...

lmao.... that's all I got.... lmfao.....

Some people are over confident, some people are just plain nuts... this brother musta been a bit of both to go after a man Joe's size...lmfao...

Ranting their ears off again...lmfao... 

Bye bye thumb....

Preemptive strike off a verbal defusing attempt.

Another 2 on 1 ground awareness drill.

Smile before you snap, crackle n pop your partner in 2.... lmfao

Ouch brother.... sorry.... :`(

Enter the Shredder.

a well deserved break....
Alive drilling.
Shredding her way off the ground as well...
This was the 9th seminar of 16 taught in a 3 week period in Sydney, Melbourne and Goald Coast Australia.... I lost nearly 15 pounds on nerves alone (approx. 1 pound per seminar) and I swore I wouldn't do this again and here I just finished booking a European tour with workshops being held in Belgium, Germany and Finland this coming September/October 2011.... yeah.... last run folks, going to remain local after 2011 so, come one come all to Europe this Sept./Oct. 2011 unless you want to come and learn from me personally in gorgeous Jasper Alberta Canada after that.... PEACE!!!!! 

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