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Friday, August 12, 2011

Think, Ask, Question, Research, ACT:

How... as a species... are we not doing anything about this?!?!?!
The real face of war.

And if this was YOUR child???

How in this day and age can we allow this to happen when 1 Blockbuster movie weekend gross can feed a nation? When one star athlete's monthly salary can feed a village? The fuck are we doing???

Let alone a quarter of what these 2 royal fucks are sitting on.... the Christian pope's ring alone could feed a small country for fuck's sakes.

Some harsh reality for you.... now imagine seeing this in front of your face daily. Out of sight, out of mind.... so here ya go.  
Things starting to add up yet???

With every penny YOU spend on the majority of the brand names YOU PURCHASE, YOU directly encourage the majority of what you see in these pictures here. DO SOME SHIT!!!!

Welcome to DEMOCRACY brothers and sisters. Welcome to war. Welcome to the rich getting richer and ... well....

I personally know several people who lost their jobs, had  been threatened to have their children removed in a custody battle, were refused jobs for their political beliefs and voicing of their opinions on Facebook, and this in 4 differing countries, not just the good ol' US of A.

Consume, Consume, Consume.... now you can do it while you watch TV, on your couch sitting on your fat fuckin lazy ass while purchasing shit you don't need online!


Baffling isn't it???

Because even foreign animals are considered "the Enemy"... this dog was probably a terrorist , I mean, it is black isn't it? 

Yeah? well fuck you. :`)



  1. Go Rich! Thank YOU... The insanity that grows in the richest country in the world is indeed mind baffling. Lets DO some shit! I would love to see an article written with some pro-active steps that the ordinary everyday citizen living pay check to pay check, month to month can do NOW. Not to just read your inspiration but to ACT and to get shit done.

  2. Thank you folks, glad you enjoyed the thought provocation... time to do some shit about it.