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Thursday, December 8, 2011

How “moderation” isn’t as safe as you may think.

We’ve all said or heard someone say at one point or another, “Everything gives cancer these days!” as an excuse to indulge in unhealthy eating habits.  Ever have someone say to you after handing you some type of junk food "Don't read the ingredients or you won't eat it." as they are consuming the very thing they handed you? Then they justify their unhealthiness by saying things like “Live a little” or “Moderation is the key.”  As my bro and good friend Scott Sonnon said "No thank you, I'd rather live ALLOT!" 

The thing is, since birth we are 'moderately; ingesting, breathing and pumping toxins into our bodies.

In the 60’s and 70’s, cancer wasn’t as rampant as it is today.  Back then, you’d be hard pressed to find 20 people who personally knew someone who died of cancer. Today, hardly anyone can say they haven’t personally been affected by cancer either themselves or via  a loved one.

Sure, a few toxins here and there in “moderation” won’t kill anyone or cause sufficient damage to the human body however, we are pumped and pumping enormous amounts of toxins into our bodies under the guise of ‘moderation’ but the reality is, we are being much, much more moderate about the healthy substances we are breathing, ingesting and consuming than the toxins.

It starts when we’re born. We’re pumped with over 30 different kinds of vaccinations which contains amongst several other toxins Mercury, Aluminum Hydroxide, Formaldehyde, Thimerosol, Polysorbate 80 to name a few.

Then, as soon as we exit the womb, we are exposed to thousands of common sources of toxicity in the air alone; Fumes and carcinogens from factories and automobile exhaust, and tons of other harmful gases are flying around. These are dangerous molecules to be inhaling, to be certain, and they also decrease the actual amount of oxygen in the air. Now, consider this: most of our airborne toxins are inhaled while we're inside because we spend most of our lives indoors whether it's in offices, homes, schools, restaurants, bars pubs, gyms, etc.

And since that's where most of our time is spent - at home, in stores, restaurants and more, it's important to be aware of what's in that air you breathe most often: pollution, pet dander, paint fumes, mold, mildew and billions of micro-organisms including heavy metals, in addition to industrial sources, lead from pesticide sprays, cooking utensils, the solder in tin cans, cadmium and lead from cigarette smoke; mercury from dental fillings, contaminated meat products, cosmetics, aluminum  and Teflon from cookware, microwaves, motor vehicle exhaust. People still don’t grasp that anything put on one’s skin is directly absorbed into the blood stream, so make sure to add cosmetics, skin creams, sun screens, shampoos, dyes, treatments, etc. to the mix of toxins as well. Again... all in small amounts... all in 'moderation'... but take a look at how much we are moderately yet consistently and continually, willingly, slowly poisoning ourselves on a daily basis.

Like that isn’t enough, we then go on to create foods that are processed, unnatural, full of sugars, chemicals, preservatives, GMO’s, artificial colors, artificial flavors, etc. We consume alcohol, smoke cigarettes, eat fast foods and we add more toxins to our drinking water including fluoride (which is also in our toothpastes), chlorine and arsenic as well as 80 "regulated" contaminants and more unregulated toxins, like the rocket fuel component perchlorate which is present in most tap waters. This also doesn’t include the miniscule traces of human feces, urine and pharmaceuticals. BUT... marijuana is illegal... rotflmfao at the hypocrisy and sheer stupidity of our species.

We then moderately continue to poison ourselves with additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, pharmaceuticals, prescription drugs, recreational hard drugs, cell phones, microwaves, vaccinations, alcohol, cigarettes, Teflon, antibiotic hormone infested grain fed meats, pesticide and chemical infested genetically modified fruits and vegetables, carbon monoxide from all motor vehicles, processed and fast foods etc.

Add to that a sedentary lifestyle directly affected by one's dietary and recreational choices and presto… you’ve got what we have today: Sheeple with obesity, lazyiness, lack of motivation, massive mediocrity and disease plaguing most of our species. Sure we live much longer, we're meant too so they can continue to profit off us, the longer we are alive and sick and fat and lazy, the more money they make off our stupidities and self destructive natures to prolong our lives.  Not to mention..... what of the quality of that life? 

The majority of people over 40 are on a minimum of 3 or more prescription drugs. By the time general population hits 60 (I know some in their 30's go figure), they can barely make it up a flight of steps without pausing, getting tired, out of breath or wishing there were an elevator for fucks sakes.

In essence, yes, it is true, everything is indeed designed to give us cancer as cancer is a highly lucrative business and industry making lots of people very rich and countless millions dead and that is highly based on our egocentricities as opposed to our higher selves.  None of these things mentioned here on their own, or in moderation will necessarily kill you or give you cancer… combine a few or more of the above in “moderation” however….and our chances exponentially increase. 

And when you think about it… the more sick, tired, lazy, un-motivated, complacent, fat, sedentary, myopic, blind we are… the easier we are to control. 

The most pathetic thing out of all of this is that we are doing it to ourselves and even worst, we’re not only fighting to be fat, lazy, unhealthy fucks, we’re arguing for it.  We’re the only species on this planet that will gladly pay other people and make them rich to make us fat, sedentary and sick and we do it willingly and with a smile on our faces. 

Everytime we purchase a pack of cigarettes, a microwave oven, a cheeseburger, a coke, a beer, lipstick, a bag of chips, etc. we are literally and willingly paying someone else our hard earned money to make us fat, sick and unhealthy. Feel like a blithering idiot yet? I sure did. I felt like the world's biggest fucking moron for purposefully making myself sick and unhealthy while making those who sold me the shit wealthy. The fuck was I thinking?!?!? I wasn't. I was brainwashed like the vast majority.

Start owning your lives, your bodies and your health. Start to detox your body, mind and soul today. Don’t wait until the fucking New Year with your stupid resolutions that last 3 weeks into January only to miserably fail and succumb to your lack of personal strength then repeat themselves the year after.

Research, learn, evolve, grow beyond what you are sold on your televisions.  Eat organic, free range, clean, natural foods. Don't EVER listen to the FDA on anything health or nutrition related, their bottom line is the almighty dollar, NOT YOUR HEALTH.  Several of the FDA's approved products have killed more people than illegal drugs and alcohol combined on a yearly basis, do your research on this, actually here, let me help you:

Do not consume anything man made that comes out of a cardboard box, plastic container, microwave or tin can.  Get water filtration systems for your homes. Get rid of your microwave ovens and Teflons as they kill food and add toxins to them. Learn to read and understand the damn ingredients before you put it in your or your child’s mouth and make sure you know what they are.  Do not ever consume anything with artificial anything especially sweeteners and for fucks sakes, STOP GIVING THAT SHIT TO YOUR CHILDREN at the very least.  You won’t give your 6 year old a cigarette yet processed sugar is just as bad if not worst than smoking in the long run but its accepted cause your TV tells you so. Do Some Shit!!!!

Or don’t. Your choice really. Frankly, there are 7 billion of us on earth and few less will do us good… especially the fucking stupid ones. 


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