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Thursday, November 10, 2011

To All Canucks...

Please.... stop the stupidity and sign the petition:

To Canada’s Provincial Premiers:

As concerned citizens we urge you to immediately declare your opposition to Conservative Justice Minister Rob Nicholson’s backwards crime bill that will cost Provinces and taxpayers many millions of tax dollars -- wasting our money on a law that isn't needed and that won't make Canada safer.

Thank you.

Senshido Canada


  1. The link does not tell us what the bill proposes. How can I "protest" something I know nothing about?

  2. Not sure what the confusion is brother but it states so right in the link and over 91 thousand people seem to have gotten it, but here it is again, from the link:

    91,813 have signed. We reached our first target of 50,000! Now let's reach our new goal of 100,000
    Posted: 6 November 2011

    In days, Harper will try to push through a crime law that could drastically raise our taxes and dole out harsher punishments for pot smokers than pedophiles -- but Quebec and Ontario have refused to pay for the bad law. Together, we can stand with them and call on every province to ditch the crime bill and protect Canadians from useless expenses.

    Crime rates in Canada have been falling steadily for over a decade yet Harper insists on spending our money to lock up our most vulnerable citizens like youth and aboriginals. Spending billions on bad crime laws means that our taxes will rise or valuable social programs like Employment Insurance will be cut. Quebec and Ontario have already said they won’t pay and now we can sign this petition telling our Premiers to join them in protecting us from this bill.

    Texas blew billions on a crime fighting system that didn’t work and now Harper wants to do the same in Canada -- but we can still stop him. Let's ditch the crime bill by signing this petition calling on our Premiers to stand with Quebec, Ontario and Canadian taxpayers. Click to the right to be heard and forward to everyone.

    Up to you, we still live in a moderately "free" country...