No styles, no systems, no rituals, no lineages, no masters, no labels, no belts, no katas, no uniforms, no dogmas;

Only the process of self actualization & personal expression of truth through functional combative movement and fitness.

On a purely physical level, we share how to individually and collectively use all of our natural tools as well as extended ones, offensively and defensively in a strategic and tactical manner and in all ranges of combat.

We're put through functional physical fitness training where we learn to push ourselves through our own perceived limitations. We also have much to offer on nutrition, health and optimum performance.

On a more cerebral level we learn about the psychology of violence, fear, stress & confrontation management skills, deescalation strategies and holistic survival tactics.

As the mind navigates the body; by challenging personal self defense dogmas and individual & core belief systems, personal growth and evolution occurs.

On a human level, we learn about the ripple effect and the moral, legal, and ethical consequences of our chosen actions while self examining our darkest emotions. We are encouraged to question everything, to learn to think for ourselves, to be more accountable and research everything we learn and to be open and responsive to life without judgment.

On a personal level, the training can make you face and slay your own demons.

Everything shared here is highly encouraged to be individually researched, to “absorb what is useful, add what is specifically of your own and disregard the rest.”

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Breaking Point....

I was born and basically raised in Montreal, lived and worked a good portion of my life in the city particularly.  Much to be said about Montreal as it is indeed a gorgeous city with much culture and things to offer, but it's a city none the less. Though beautiful in its own right, it is man made.  It is concrete, steel, metal and glass. 

I now live here, below - Jasper Alberta.  The pics you will see below I just took while walking my dog on a 90 minute hike starting right behind my home.

This is one of the few trails I take as often as I can when it isn't ridiculously cold outside.

On any given day, I sit in front of my computer replying to countless emails and messages.  Since I have sold the Senshido Tactical Urban Combat school in Montreal back in early 2006, I no longer have nor need a 'staff' per say; and so I am basically a one man show running my company with of course, the help of my international team out there doing their thing.

Dealing with self defense for self development, human evolution and betterment in general; we tend to come across much of the 'darker' aspects of life.  From dealing with victims of violence of every possible kind to abuse, bullying and health issues, we tend to be exposed often and much to the uglier side of life, the more corrupt side.

For me, breaking away daily has become imperative.  Besides a workout which is fantastic for clearing the cobwebs, a walk through nature to clear and gather one's thoughts is unbelievably invigorating.

There's something to be said about being alone in nature with your own thoughts.  Unplugged, disconnected from technology and reconnected with the magnificent energy of life. These daily breaks allow me to regain my focus, strength and motivation otherwise, I'd fuckin kill someone lolol..... twice a day at that :`)

"I could leave so easily
My friends are calling back to me -

I said yeah...
They're leaving it all up to me when
All I needed was clarity
Someone to tell me WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?!? GODDAMNIT!"

"Slippin' farther and farther away
It's a miracle how long we can stay
In a world our minds created
In a world that's full of shit!!!!"

"Please understand me;
I'm climbing through the wreckage 
Of all my twisted dreams
And this cheap investigation
Just can't stifle all my screams;
And I'm waiting
At the crossroads
Waiting for you...
Waiting for you...
Where are you?!?!?"

 "I can't understand what all the fighting's for?

But it's so nice here down off the shore...

I wish you could see this 
Cause there's nothing to see
It's peaceful here and its fine with me
Not like the world where I used to live"

"There were always ample warnings
There were always subtle signs;
And you would have seen them coming 
But we gave you too much time...
And when you said that no one's listening
Why'd your best friend drop a dime?
Sometimes we get so tired of waiting for a 
Way to spend our time"

"And it's so easy to be social
It's so easy to be cool
Yeah, its easy to get hungry
When you ain't got shit to lose...

"And I wish that I could help you
With what you hope to find
But I'm still out here waiting
Watching reruns of my life"
"When you reach the point of breaking
Know it's gonna take some time;
To heal those broken memories
That another man would need
Just to survive..........................."

COMA - Guns n Roses - Use Your Illusions 1


  1. Love it Rich! Amazing that you are reflective like that...very much like myself.

  2. Thanks brother... glad you enjoyed it. Self reflection is paramount to evolution.